Important Tips On Fishing

Good fishing tips can mean the difference between hauling in a load of fish or going home empty-handed. Although it is true that because fish have certain tendencies it doesn’t mean they are written in stone. For example, fishing is usually more productive if you fish downwind. There are going to be times when you fish and get good results upstream. However, if you know their tendencies and fish accordingly, you will benefit by catching more fish on more outings.

Steady winds send the baitfish nearer to the shore. It stands to reason the bass and other fish will want to follow the baitfish. However, when the winds get higher, the bass is driven more towards the deep water. A Carolina rig or a jig is what I tend to fish in these conditions.

The time of day can make a difference on whether the fish are biting. Panfish, such as bluegill, perch or sunfish, bite almost any time of day. If you have no action after 10 or 15 minutes, move to another likely spot and try again. For other types of fish, such as trout or bass, you will find fishing early in the morning or in the late afternoon will bring the best results.

The different seasons will also cause you to change your tactics. In the spring, the fish will be in shallower water. Fish are spawning and using a minnow and bobber always seems to work very well. I particularly like to fish this way for crappies in the spring.

In the summer you will probably have the best luck fishing deeper. Night fishing is good in the summer months. In the fall, around October and November, crappies seem to be abundant around the docks. They are aggressive and I always try to get in a lot of fishing during this time.

Wintertime the fish seem to be in deeper waters and you will want to use a slow retrieve. A spell of warmer weather is a time to hit the waters for sure.

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