Want to Buy a Boat

When that “I need a boat” thought crosses your mind, you need to do one thing first and that decides what kind of boating you want to do.  Where are you going to use the boat and do you have a place to store and maintain the boat?

Here are some things to consider.  Is this a boat that you want to haul on a trailer or are you going to store it in a marina?  Do you want one big enough to entertain guests for a day or over night? Maybe you are looking for something to get you where the fish are, or pull the kids on skis or a wakeboard.

Bowrider boats are a good choice and can provide all of the amenities that you are looking for, depending upon what you want to spend.  Most will be interested in the 18 foot to 26 foot range which is far less expensive than the bigger versions.  They are available in stem drive and outboard.   Check out Outboard Engines on Bowriders: A Match Made in Heaven?

Another consideration is whether you want to buy new or used.  Used can save you some serious money, but you will want to consider all of the hidden problems that can pop up just like buying a used car.

When you have decided to get serious you can start your search online.  boats.com listings will give you a lot of boats of all different types for you to investigate.  Some you can even tour online.  Once you have made a few choices that you might consider buying,  you will need to check them out in person.  Start with a walkaround and see you can find any reason why this deal might be too good to be true.  If all looks good take it for a sea trial.  Don’t just go for a joy ride, but use the boat the way you are planning to after you buy it.  Lastly consider hiring a surveyor especially if your boat is over 30 feet.  You will need to get the boat out of the water because a lot of damage can be out of view when sitting in the water.

When you have made that final decision, make double sure that everything is in order.  Does the seller have proof that they own the boat and the right to sell it?  If it is at the marina, are their any leins against the boat?

All done?  Sign the papers, enjoy your boat, and frequently review the safety rules for boating.




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